Available on the Awesome plan and US stores only.

You can syndicate reviews collected via Judge.me to your shop on Facebook or Instagram if you have the checkout feature enabled. Please note that:

How to enable the Meta review syndication

  • From Judge.me Settings, go to Advanced > Review Syndication > Meta Syndication.
  • Toggle the bar to turn on the review syndication.
  • Click Save settings.

Note: You can also opt in to Meta review syndication via Meta Commerce Manager - "Meta Opt-in Entry point". This feature is currently under alpha testing.

How the Meta syndication works

  • After you enabled the syndication, Judge.me will create a feed containing product review data and submit the feed to Meta. At this point, you'll see this status appearing in your Judge.me settings: "Reviews feed submitted to Meta, please check again later. It may take up to 2 weeks before you can see your syndicated reviews."
  • After that, Meta will analyse the feed and report the status of your syndication to Judge.me, which will then be displayed in your settings.
  • If your reviews can't be syndicated, you'll see these statuses:
    1. Your reviews can’t be syndicated because your store doesn’t meet the eligibility criteria. Learn more here.
    2. Your reviews can’t be syndicated because Meta was unable to find your Facebook or Instagram store using the information provided. 
  • If your reviews are syndicated successfully, these reviews will show up on your Facebook/Instagram shops, and you'll see this status in your Judge.me settings: "Reviews feed connected successfully (72 reviews across 20 products matched)."