When you enable the Klaviyo review requests, we'll push all data of the product items to be reviewed, so you can set up the review request schedule and customize the message directly in Klaviyo. 

1. Set time delay for review requests

Adding the timing block, you can easily set up time delays in Klaviyo. If you want to set up a longer delay for international orders, like in Judge.me, the Conditional Split works perfectly. Choose the "country" property as the condition to divert your users into two segments.

2. Send review reminders

To send a review reminder, add one more timing block and another email to your Flow. Of course, you can choose a different message for each email!

3. Send SMS review requests

You can send SMS review requests in Klaviyo by adding the SMS block and customizing your message. Currently, Klaviyo SMS is only available in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

Same as emails, you can add many variables to customize your SMS. Make sure to include the {{ event.products.0|lookup:"review_rating_url"}}, which links to your Judge.me review widget, so your customers can submit a review.

4. Send review requests when orders are delivered

You can integrate Klaviyo with Aftership to send the delivery events to Klaviyo. Then you can use these events set up your delivery-based requests in Klaviyo. In particular:

  • Set "Eligible for Judge.me Review Request" as your main trigger
  • Set "Received Delivery" from Aftership as your flow filter

5. Send admin notifications of reviews

Judge.me also pushes events of new reviews to Klaviyo. Using these events as triggers, you can send a notification to up to 5 emails when you receive a new review in Judge.me.