Review photos and videos are your best social proof. Would you like to make them more prominently in the Review Widget to catch the buyer's attention at the first glance? Try our Widget Media Grid now. In this article, we'll introduce more about this cool feature.

To enable the Widget Media Grid, follow these steps:

  • From the app navigation, click on Settings > Review Widget > Widget Header > Widget Media Grid.
  • Toggle the bar to the right to enable the feature, and customize the text if you want.
  • Click Save settings.

enable widget media grid

The Media Grid is will be added to the Review Widget, the All Reviews Page, and the Floating Reviews Tab. It will be placed below the Widget Rating Filter and next to the medals. The grid will show the most recent review photos and videos. 

Desktop view widget media grid desktop

Mobile view widget media grid mobile

When you click on the media grid, a pop-up will open with the review photos/videos and the review content associated with it. You can click on the arrow icon, or other photos/videos in the gallery to see other reviews.

Desktop widget media grid open desktop

Mobile widget media grid open mobile