We have updated our Privacy Privacy, which takes effect on 29 March, 2022. By continuing to use Judge.me services, you are agreeing to these updates.

We encourage you to read the entire Privacy Policy. If you have any questions, please contact us at support@judge.me

Here’s a quick look at what’s changed:


With the expansion of our product offerings and the launch of the Judge.me Review Site (https://judge.me/reviews), we are collecting data from various stakeholders (merchants, reviewers, influencers). Hence, our role can be either the Data Controller or Data Processor depending on the case. In this update, we list out all stakeholders whose data are being collected by Judge.me, and clearly define Judge.me’s role (Data Controller or Data Processor) in each case.

Read more about the role of Judge.me in our Privacy Policy, under WHO IS THE CONTROLLER OF YOUR DATA?

Note: The Judge.me Review Site is a B2C platform that showcases product and store reviews under the Judge.me brand name. The site helps potential buyers find unique products and reviews from reputable independent businesses. 


Our Privacy Policy now clearly defines the types of data we collect, including:

  • Identity data
  • Usage data
  • Technical data

We have also set out, in a table format, a description of the purpose/activity we plan to use for each type of data and the legal bases we rely on to do so. 

One of these legal bases includes Legitimate Interest, where the processing of your Personal Data enables us to provide you with the best services while balancing any potential impact on you. 

Read more about the definitions, examples for each type of data, as well as our purposes in collecting them in our Privacy Policy, under TYPES OF DATA COLLECTED and USE OF DATA.