This article is useful for stores that operate in jurisdictions that have specific regulations concerning marketing emails, such as Germany, the US, the European Union, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. sends review request emails on your behalf. Although our review request emails can be considered transactional emails, sending these emails without consent is not possible in some countries (N.B. transactional emails are sent during your order processing for the purposes of legitimate interest). 

While strives to be aware and compliant with major consumer standards and privacy laws, we cannot warrant that using our service will meet your exact requirements.

You need to ensure the settings you choose in follow the specific rules and regulations of the countries and jurisdictions you operate in.

If your customers haven't opted in to receive marketing emails on Shopify checkout, you can also exclude them automatically from the review request emails. This setting helps you ensure that your store is compliant with any consumer privacy laws that require an explicit opt-in for review request emails.

If review request emails are considered marketing/promotional emails in the countries that you operate in, you can follow these steps to make sure you only send these emails to customers who agreed to receive them:

Step 1: Enable ways for customers to sign up on Shopify

Customers can subscribe to marketing emails by filling  newsletter sign-up on your online store, or by checking a checkbox in the checkout.

You can add a newsletter sign-up form to your theme with the Liquid form tag and accompanying 'customer' parameter. Read this Email consent guide and API documentation from Shopify for more details.

You can also enable an option to subscribe at checkout in your Shopify admin:

  • From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Checkout.
  • In the Email marketing section, check Show an option to subscribe at checkout.
  • Click Save.

By enabling a sign-up form or an option to subscribe at checkout, you can build a list of subscribers that agree to receive marketing emails, including the review request emails, from your store.

Step 2: Exclude non-subscribers from review requests

  • From your admin dashboard, go to Settings > Review Requests > Conditions > Enable Conditions.
  • In Email Campaign Type, toggle the bar off. By choosing this option, your review request emails are considered marketing emails and those who haven't opted in Shopify marketing emails won't receive the review requests either.
  • Click Save Settings.