Want to know how your review request emails are performing every month? We'll send monthly emails with key metrics to give you an overview of your email performance. This email will include:

  • Revenue generated by Judge.me: total monetary values (in USD) generated by Judge.me as a referrer
  • Orders from Judge.me: total number of orders generated by Judge.me as a referrer
  • Emails sent: total number of review request emails sent out 
  • Reviews received: total number of reviews your shop received
  • Average rating: the average rating of all reviews you received
  • Tips and tutorials: latest blog articles from Judge.me that help you use our apps more effectively

Learn more about performance metrics in your Judge.me reports.

How can I receive this monthly metrics email?

This email will be sent automatically to your inbox every month. You can access your full monthly metrics from Judge.me admin > Requests > Reports.

Which email address do you send this monthly metrics email?

You'll receive this email to your admin notifications email. You can change or add more admin emails in Judge.me admin > Settings > Review Requests > Admin Notifications.

How can I stop receiving this monthly metrics email?

You can opt out of this email by clicking on the Unsubscribe link at the end of the email.

Example of monthly metrics email:


You will receive this report if every month you store generates:

  • At least 2 verified reviews
  • At least $20 in revenue generated by Judge.me
  • At least 1 order from Judge.me.