Have several customers that post about your products and tag you on Instagram? Now you can connect your Instagram account with Judge.me and display those user-generated content on your Shopify store.


UGC Media Grid is a free feature and is only available on Shopify now.


Follow these steps to enable and customize the UGC Media Grid:

Step 1: Connect your Instagram account

  • From Judge.me admin dashboard, go to Settings > Other Widgets > UGC Media Grid > UGC Media Grid Installation. If you haven't connected your Facebook & Instagram accounts before, you'll see a Log in button.
  • Click on the Log in button.

UGC media grid log in Facebook

  • Follow the steps to authorize Judge.me to use your Facebook/Instagram data. Make sure to turn on all the permissions listed, otherwise the related features may not work properly in Judge.me. Click Done.

UGC media grid authorize Judge.me

  • After you are connected, click on the Use this account button.

UGC media grid choose Instagram

Re-authorize Judge.me if you connected to Facebook & Instagram before

If you connected your Facebook & Instagram to Judge.me before we launch the UGC Media Grid (e.g. for the social push or Facebook Reviews Tab), you will need re-authorize Judge.me to be able to use this feature. It's because the UGC Media Grid needs more permissions to access your data on Instagram (i.e. read & publish your tagged photos). In this case, you will see an error as below.

UGC media grid authorize error

Follow these steps to re-authenticate Judge.me:

  • Go to Settings > Social Media > Facebook & Instagram Authentication. If you are in UGC Media Grid Installation, simply click on the Facebook authentication setting link.
  • Deselect the Instagram/Facebook account, then click on the link to disable integration and clear all authentication.
  • Click Login again
  • Make sure you have granted all permissions to Judge.me.
  • Click Use this account

UGC media grid reauthorize

Step 2: Enabled your UGC Media Grid

  • Toggle the bar to enable the UGC Media Grid. The widget will be installed at the bottom of your Shopify store homepage.
  • If you are using Theme 2.0 such as Dawn, follow this guide to install the UGC Media Grid in Shopify's theme editor.
  • You need to publish at least one Instagram post in UGC Media Grid Dashboard for the widget to display, check step 4 for more information.

UGC media grid install widget

Step 3: Customize your UGC Media Grid

  • To customize your UGC Media Grid, go to Settings > Other Widgets > UGC Media Grid > UGC Media Grid Installation.
  • You can customize the widget max width, title, subtitle, arrows color, button text, background color, text color, button border, button border radius, etc.
  • After you are done, click Save settings.

Button types and customization options

  • Primary button: A button linking to your product page. To see this button, you need to add a product to your Instagram post in the UGC dashboard (see step 4). You can customize the button text, color, border, etc. as you want.
  • Secondary button: A button used to load more posts. You need to publish more than 6 posts to see this button. You can customize the button text, color, border, etc. as you want.

UGC media grid customize widget button

  • Reviews button: Same as the Primary button, you can link this button to the Review Widget of the related product. If you are qualified for a Judge.me Reviews Page, you can choose to link to your review site listing instead.

UGC media grid customize widget button

Example of Primary button and Reviews button

UGC media grid example widget button

Step 4: Publish your Instagram posts & add products

After finishing customizing the widget, you can start fetching the Instagram posts and publish them on your store.

  • From the settings, click to go to the UGC Media Grid Dashboard.
  • Here, click on the "loading arrow" icon to fetch the posts from Instagram. The images you are tagged on Instagram will be displayed below.

  • Choose the post you want, then click Publish.

UGC media grid publish Instagram posts

  • You can also add a Shopify product to your Instagram post. For example, choose a product that is mentioned by the customer in the post. This will add a Buy Now button linking to your product page when you publish the post in the UGC widget.

UGC media grid add products to Instagram posts

  • After you publish the posts, check the UGC Media Grid on your homepage to see the results. You can hide the posts that you published before.
  • If you publish or hide any posts, it may take up to 10 minutes for the widget to be updated.