Have existing reviews on other e-commerce platforms? You can import your reviews easily to Judge.me via CSV file and display them on your Squarespace stores.

Follow the steps below to import your existing reviews to Judge.me on Squarespace.

Step 1:

To import your existing reviews to your Judge.me Squarespace app, you need to create a CSV file with specific data including the product handles. It will help us match the right reviews with the right products. 

To get your product handles, go to your live product pages, then copy the string after your store address. 

For example, if your product URL is https://judgeme-test1.squarespace.com/shop/p/detox-smoothie-apple-and-cucumber then the product handle is shop/p/detox-smoothie-apple-and-cucumber. This string can vary across different stores.

product handle on Squarespace

Step 2:

Paste the product handle to the CSV file containing your reviews. Learn more about creating a proper CSV for review import.

prepare CSV file to import Judge.me reviews on Squarespace

Step 3: 

To to judge.me/import or click the Import & Export tab on the top navigation. Then import the reviews by uploading the CSV file in CSV import wizard. Learn more about our import wizard.

import reviews directly in Judge.me for Squarespace

upload CSV to import Judge.me reviews on Squarespace