Pinning a review (or multiple reviews) is great if you want your best reviews to always stay at the top and be the first reviews your customers read.

Upgrade to widget 3.0

Pinning reviews is now available in Widget 3.0

If your store is using the old version of the review widget, you can upgrade to the 3.0 version completely for free by following these steps:

  • In admin, go to Settings > Advanced > Advanced Settings > Widget Version.
  • Click Upgrade to Widgets 3.0.

In the rare case that you want to go back to the old version of the widget, please chat with us or contact us at and we'll work on it for you.

Steps to pin a review

To pin a review:

  • In admin, go to Reviews > Reviews dashboard.
  • Choose the reviews you want to pin and click the Pin icon.

Pinned reviews will be displayed first in the review widget, regardless of the filters your customer may apply (except for the Only Pictures filter).

Please be aware that pinning reviews is not available for shops that are using the Cross-Shop Review Syndication feature or for products that are part of a group.