Checkout Promotions & Upsells helps you grow your revenue by offering your customers a variety of checkout promotions with one-click upsells and free gifts. Checkout Promotions & Upsells is integrated with so you can display your star ratings and review count of the products in your checkout offers.

How to enable this integration

Step 1: 

Install and Checkout Promotions & Upsells

Step 2:

From Checkout Promotions & Upsells admin, choose Settings > Integrations

Step 3:

Choose from the list, then click Enable.

Step 4:

In your post-purchase promotion editor, click on the Products block on the right panel.

Step 5:

Check in the box Show product review score. After you are done, click Save changes and Enable promotion.

Here is how your offer is displayed on the post-purchased page, with star ratings: