For reviews that you import via a CSV file or from AliExpress and reviews that you create, you can edit them directly in the Reviews dashboard, instead of having to import a new one.

Edit an imported or admin review

To edit any imported or admin review:

  • In admin, go to Reviews > Reviews dashboard.
  • Choose the review you want to edit.
  • Click the 3-dot icon and choose Edit Review.

Edit a web or email review

To edit a review from a web or email source, you can follow the same steps above. For these reviews:

  • You can make minor text edits to the name, title, and body of the reviews and add a picture/video. This is helpful when the reviewers ask you to adjust the review for them.
  • In line with our authenticity policy, star ratings can only be edited by the reviewers. You can use the request review update feature for this.
  • After you click Submit, we will send an email to the reviewers where they can approve or deny the changes.