The Floating Reviews Tab helps you add a floating tab with reviews on the side of your pages. Upon clicking on this tab, a pop-over opens for you to showcase and collects more reviews. This lightweight version of the All Reviews Page helps you convince shop visitors to buy when they are browsing through your shop. 

See real examples of the Floating Reviews Tab.

*Note: this widget is only available on our Awesome plan ($15/month), so please upgrade before you install it.

Follow the steps below to install the Floating Reviews Tab using Shopify's Theme Editor:

Step 1:

Enable the Core Snippet in App Embed section of the theme settings. 

Important note:

Make sure to enable the Core Snippet before you install any widgets because it contains the code needed and shared by multiple widgets (e.g. it controls which reviews show up on the widgets). In other words, our widgets are dependent on the Core Snippet, so you need to enable it in order for the widgets to function correctly.

Step 2: 

Toggle the bar to enable the Reviews Tab. You can choose to place the Floating Reviews tab on the Left, Right, or Bottom of your page. Then click Save.

You can customize more settings of the Floating Reviews Tab in, check this article to learn more. add floating reviews tab in Shopify's theme editor 1 add floating reviews tab in Shopify's theme editor 2