The Preview Badge helps you display the star rating and the number of reviews for a specific product. This badge helps your visitors quickly assess your products and add relevant social proof to improve your shop's conversion rate. 

See real examples of the Preview Badge.

Follow the steps below to install the Preview Badge using Shopify's Theme Editor:

Step 1:

Enable the Code Snippet in App Embed section of the theme settings. 

Important note:

Make sure to enable the Code Snippet before you install any widgets because it contains the code needed and shared by multiple widgets (e.g. it controls which reviews show up on the widgets). In other words, our widgets are dependent on the Code Snippet, so you need to enable it in order for the widgets to function correctly.

Step 2: Navigate to the product page

You can select the page from the top list, or navigate directly on your storefront preview. 


  • If you open the Theme Editor from our app onboarding steps, you will be redirected to the Products page immediately.
  • Right now you can't install the Preview Badge on the Collections page using Shopify's theme editor yet. Please contact us at so we can install it for you.

Step 3: Add the Preview Badge block

On the left panel, click Add section. In the Apps category, choose Preview Badge, then click Save.

You can drag and drop the Preview Badge block to the place you want. We recommend that you add it below your product title.

You can customize more settings of the Preview Badge in, check this article to learn more.