To export your reviews from Junip, please follow the steps below:

Step 1

From Junip's Moderation dashboard, click the "Export reviews" button, then choose "Export".

Step 2

Wait for the exporting process to finish, then download the export CSV file.

Step 3

Then you can start importing this CSV file to app without any changes. From your admin dashboard, go to More > Import and Export > Import Reviews > From Reviews App.


  • You can't export review photos from Junip. If you want to import review photos to, open your CSV file and create a new column for picture_urls, then add the link to review photos of each review.
  • Junip's export file will have both the first name and last name of the reviewers. By default, will import the first name as the reviewer's name. If you want to make any changes, open your CSV file and adjust the columns before importing. Contact if you need any help.