Your profile page associates all the reviews that you submitted via shops using Your profile is completely free of charge and you have full control over what is displayed on your profile page.

If you have any questions, check our FAQ about the profile.


  1. Log in to your profile
  2. Customize your profile
  3. Create product recommendations

1. Log in to your profile

You can log in to your profile using the email you used to submit your reviews. You can also log in to your profile via Facebook or Google.

2. Customize your profile

You can customize many things on your profile page, including:

  • Choose your banner
  • Choose your profile picture
  • Choose your display name
  • Customize your profile URL
  • Write a profile description
  • Add up to 5 interests
  • Add links to your Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, and personal website

You can submit, edit and delete reviews from your profile, as well as changing the format of your display name in the reviews you submit.

3. Create product recommendations

You can create product recommendations to share your experiences with the products that you have used. By creating product recommendations on, you can consolidate all your content in one place, and earn referrals for any sales generated from