Product recommendations on the profile are designed for you to share your experiences about the products that you have used and want to recommend to your followers. 

Check our 101 guidelines to set up your profile page, and read the FAQ if you have any questions.

1. Create product recommendations

A product recommendation consists of:

  • A quotation of your review
  • A photo or video featuring the product reviewed by you
  • Info of the product (name, price, image) and a CTA linked to the product page

By creating product recommendations on, you can consolidate all your content in one place, and earn referrals for any sales generated from

You can create your recommendations in three ways:

  • From existing reviews
  • From existing blog articles/Youtube videos
  • From a blank template

2. Display your merchandise

You can display your own merchandise and have backlinks to your store to attract more buyers and improve SEO.

3. Create social feeds

You can create social feeds that display the latest 4 videos on your Youtube channels, and the latest 6 photos on your Instagram account.