If you have a YouTube channel and Instagram account, you can connect your accounts to display:

  • Four latest videos on your YouTube channels
  • Six latest photos in your Instagram account

1. Add your YouTube feed

  • Go to My Public Profile > YouTube Social Feed
  • Enter the link to your Youtube channel, then click Save.

  • Click Remove if you want to remove the Youtube Social Feed.

Here is how your YouTube Social Feed is displayed on your Public Profile:

2. Add your Instagram feed

  • Go to My Public Profile > Instagram Social Feed

  • Click Connect. Then Allow Judge.me to access your Instagram.

  • Once your Instagram is connected to the review site, click Publish to publish your Instagram feed.

  • Click Unpublish if you want to hide your Instagram feed from the Public profile. And click Logout of Instagram if you want to disconnect the current Instagram account (and you can reconnect if you want).