The review syndication program, as you may have seen, was initiated by Walmart. It's actually the process of exporting reviews from and importing them to Walmart.

Of course, you can export your reviews from and import them to Walmart (or any similar sites) without any constraints. But please note that this export-import process won't work automatically because currently does not have a formal integration with Walmart. The only automatic review syndication feature that we offer iscross-shop review syndication (syndicating reviews among your Shopify stores). 

Below are some steps to import your reviews to Walmart. If you need any help, feel free to contact us via

Step 1: Register via this form: and choose as your review platform. Walmart will assess your application and reach out to you if you are eligible for the syndication program.

Step 2: Fill in a CSV file provided by Walmart with the review data from, as well as Walmart item IDs and SKUs. You can export your reviews following these guidelines.

Step 3: Submit the CSV file to Walmart and they will ingest your reviews into their platform.