The Requests dashboard contains all the line items that are sent or to be sent a review request email, SMS, or push notifications. You can also check your Email Templates, A/B testing, and Reports easily in the sub-tabs.


  1. How to access the Requests dashboard
  2. See the status of your review requests in the dashboard
  3. Send manual review requests

1. How to access the Requests dashboard

You can access the Requests dashboard from the Requests tab in your admin dashboard, or go to

2. See the status of your review requests in the dashboard will send the review request based on fulfillment, not order. The review request will be sent once the order is completely fulfilled (so partial fulfillment is not considered). Newly scheduled review requests will have a "Will send on [date]" in the status column.

The status is changed when the email is "delivered", or when the customer "read the email", "wrote a review", or "edited review".

The review requests will be skipped if:

  • Your customers already submitted a review. A customer will review each product only once. This means that a customer will not receive a review request for the same item if he has written a review already (we consider items on the product, not variant level). However, if the product hasn't been reviewed, a new review request will be sent for the same product of the new order.
  • You excluded that product from the review request schedule in

If you choose to send review requests when the orders are delivered, rather than fulfilled, the status will be "waiting for delivery".

3. Send manual review requests

The review requests will be scheduled automatically in the Requests dashboard based on your Request timing. You can also handle the requests manually if needed.

  • Add manual requests: schedule Review Requests for old orders fulfilled prior to your installation date, or orders from a bulk CSV import.

  • Skip requests: skip all undelivered review requests for all orders, fulfilled in the previous days until now

  • Send requests again, permanently exclude the buyer's email or product from the review requests schedule


  • If a product is purchased multiple times within an order, only one review request is sent to review the product (Please review your purchase of {{ order_quantity }} x {{ product_title }}).
  • To make sure your review request emails are delivered successfully and don't fall into spam, we limit the number of review requests to 5000 emails/shop/day by default. Any requests exceeding this limit will be "skipped" (this is reflected in the orders dashboard). You can contact us directly and we may temporarily increase the limit on a case-by-case basis.