You can install on any Shopify plans, including the Shopify Lite plan. However, because Shopify Lite offers less features than normal Shopify plans, you won't be able to use our full set of features on unless you upgrade to the Basic Shopify plan and above.

In particular, Shopify Lite doesn't offer Shopify-hosted product pages, so your products will be shown as "out-of-store", which means you won't be able to display your reviews and collect reviews via automatic review requests unless you take the following actions:

1. Install Review Widget on your non-Shopify product pages via Platform-independent Review Widgets.

2. Enable the backup page path for out-of-store products and keep it blank OR prepare a backup page with the Platform-independent Review Widgets installed. We will redirect customers who receive your review request emails to this page.

In this article, we'll show you how to set up these features if you are using Shopify Lite.

1. Collect reviews via review request emails

When customers submit reviews via the review request emails, we'll redirect them to the Review Widget on Shopify product pages. However, since the Shopify Lite plan doesn't include Shopify hosted product pages, there are two ways you can collect reviews via the review request emails:

1.1. Enable the backup page path for out-of-store products and keep it blank (preferred)

When your customers submit a review via the review request email, we will redirect them to the default review form on website.

  • If they submit a review via a Single Review Email Template, they can fill in the review directly in the email. After they click Submit Verified Review, the default review form will open and they can update the review (e.g. adding review photos and videos).

  • If they submit a review via a Multi Review Email Template, after they click Review Now, the default review form will open and they can submit the review. It works the same for custom HTML template, where the {{ product_url }} will redirect to the profile page where they can create/update a review.

1.2. Enter your backup page URL

We'll redirect your customers to your backup page URL so they can submit their reviews. If you are on our Awesome plan, we recommend you use the All Reviews Page installed using Platform-independent Review Widget as your backup page. Otherwise, you can use other pages (e.g. your non-Shopify product pages), as long as the Review Widget is installed on that backup page using Platform-independent Review Widget.

2. Display reviews

To display your reviews, you can replicate widgets on your external pages with our Platform-independent Review Widgets feature. You can also get more web reviews via this replicated widget and manage the reviews in the reviews dashboard.