What is Bing Shopping?

Bing Shopping brings products from multiple sellers together so you can shop your favorite stores in one place to compare prices and save time and money.

To submit your product ratings to Bing Shopping, you have to satisfy these conditions:

  • Have a Microsoft Merchant Center account
  • Provide the following product identifiers: GTIN, Brand, and MPN
  • The product must have at least 1 review to display.

Display your products and Judge.me reviews on Bing Shopping

Step 1:

Create a Microsoft Merchant Center store. Then, enable your product listings in Bing Shopping.

Step 2: 

  • Go to Settings > Advanced > Google Product Review Feed. 
  • In Google Product Review Feed, set the bar to ON to enable your feed.


  • Bing Merchant Center requires the XML URL and Filename to start with "ProductReviews". Therefore, we add the prefix "ProductReviews" by default to our XML URL and Filename. You can use this feed for both Google and Bing Shopping from now on.
  • The Google Merchant Center accounts that use the old name (without the "ProductReviews prefix) won't be affected.

Step 3: Upload your reviews feed via FTP

  • Once you create the product review .xml, submit the file via FTP: ftps://feeds.adcenter.microsoft.com. FTP needs to be done manually for new reviews to show up on Bing Shopping. 
  • You can log in with your FPT credentials (user name and password) of your Microsoft Merchant Center. Learn more about FTP server requirements.


  • You won't be able to see the product rating feeds in the Merchant Merchant Center. You will see "No recent files" or your feed file is empty, but this means that your review feed file is already uploaded. Only Microsoft can check the status to see whether your feed is approved or not.
  • You should contact Microsoft at https://about.ads.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-advertising-support with your credentials to make sure the review feed is approved and working.