1. Restrict web reviews creation
  2. Turn on the spam filter

1. Restrict web reviews creation

By default, everybody visiting your product pages will be able to leave a review. However, you can restrict review creation by disabling web reviews in Settings > Review Widget > Review Curation > Web Reviews

  • Restrict review creation: This hides the “write-a-review” button so it is not possible to leave a review via the widget on the website. Reviews creation is restricted to (a) verified buyers from our review requests, or (b) programmatically via API.
  • Heavy restriction enabled: Besides hiding the “write-a-review” button, API requests are also disabled, so spammers with bots/code that target shops will not be able to create fake reviews.

Web reviews (reviews submitted on your web store, not through a review request email) are not automatically marked as verified reviews although they may come from verified buyers. If those reviewers are from verified buyers, we'll send them a verification email, then they need to click on the link in this email to verify their reviews.

2. Turn on the spam filter

  • When you enable the spam filter, Judge.me will use OOPSpam to detect and filter out unwanted reviews or questions coming from the "write-a-review" and "ask-a-question" forms in the Review Widget on your web and API.
  • Any reviews or questions detected as spam will be moved to the Spam tab. If you realize that any reviews or questions are not spam, you can click the "Not Spam" button to move them back to the All Reviews or All Questions tab.

Spam tab in the Reviews dashboard

Spam tab in the Q&A dashboard