All aspects of the review site are now free. When we start charging, we'll inform you, and you can decide whether to keep using our review site or not. We'll never charge you without you opting in.

Even when we start our pricing plans, you can still display your store listing for free on our review site, just without CTA buttons linking to your product pages. In particular, we will likely have two plans:

1. Free version that doesn’t link directly to your Shopify product pages

In this version, you can show your store listing for free as long as you meet the criteria (at least 10 verified reviews and at least 80% transparency score).

  • Enabling your store listing on the review site, and ranking higher in Google search results when people search for "product name" + "reviews"
  • Having your review cards featured on the site homepage.
  • Appearing in the site search results, where we link to your product pages on our site (not your Shopify product pages).

2. Paid version with Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons to your Shopify product pages

The Paid version includes all functionalities in the Free version, plus you can funnel potential buyers to your Shopify stores and complete the purchases.

How it works:

Besides building SEO-friendly pages that help you rank higher on Google, we also intend to run ads on the review site homepage and selected collections later (e.g. “hammocks” or “leggings” or “coffee”) to promote your products. We do not aim to compete directly with your website's SEO. Instead, our goal is to leverage the "" brand name as a neutral, B2C-focused review site, and bring you the additional traffic from people looking for real opinions on their desired products.


You don't need to commit to our paid plan for any specific amount of time. You can cancel it at any time directly from the settings.