In case that you have correspondence with the Google Product Ratings Team ( about issues during the review of the ratings feed ("Google Product Reviews XML Feed") (subject line of these emails is {case number} {your domain} Google Product Ratings Feed Issues / Feed Issues), make sure that after updating our XML Feed (url:, e.g. via our settings or customer support staff), you also allow the Google Merchant Center to fetch the data again (typically the data is fetched once a day) or manually fetch the new data from the updated feed. You can manually fetch the data by going here: Product reviews > Feeds > {your feed} > Processing > Fetch now (on the right-hand side).

Technical Notes

XML Feed specifics

  • Inside a <review> element, the <is_spam> element will be set based on your current review publishing status.
  • All deleted reviews, will be collect inside the <deleted_reviews> element as a list of <review_id> (a review will be deleted inside the product reviews feed if it is archieved in
  • starts updating all XML feed everyday at 4AM (UTC)


For BigCommerce, we will use SKU as Product IDs in the Google Product Reviews XML Feed, we will include MPN, GTIN and brand if available