1. Can you give us the full access to the Judge.me app?

We have a partner-friendly program: If you are a Shopify app provider, please create a Shopify development store to upgrade to our Awesome plan for free at https://judge.me/awesome. With our Awesome plan, you will have access to all our features. If you are on WooCommerce or BigCommerce, all stores are automatically on the Awesome plan for free at the moment so go ahead and install it.

2. Where can the user find and enable my app in your settings?

3. Which co-marketing activities can we do together once the integration is done?

To help promote the integrations to more users, we can engage in some co-marketing activities, such as:

  • Write knowledge base articles to instruct the users to use the integration.

  • Display the integration on relevant pages on the partner's website and inside the partner's apps.

  • Write a short blog post to announce the integration, with backlinks to the partner’s app listings or relevant pages.

  • Allow the partner to write a guest blog post. Please check our detailed guidelines for guest blogs.

  • Feature the integration in the upcoming newsletter and social media posts.

  • Offer the partner a free trial campaign or discounts.

4. I have technical questions when working on the integrations. Who should I contact?/Do you have a dev contact?

First, please read the short integration guideline for your app. It gives you the necessary information to get started with the integration process. If you still have questions, kindly send an email to support@judge.me. The team member in charge of integrations will answer your questions or escalate to a developer immediately if necessary.

5. Can we sign an NDA for the integration partnership?

Normally, we don't sign an NDA because having an integration will not disclose important information from both sides.

6. Do you support OAuth?

We don't support OAuth at the moment.

7. I was going through Reviews API docs and did not find how to get the average rating of a product. Is there a workaround for this or is this still under dev?

To get the average rating for all your products, you can make a request to the following endpoint.

Our API doesn't have an endpoint which will return the average rating for a specific product. But you can make a request to our cache server for the Preview Badge which will return the average rating within the HTML. Instructions can be found here

Here is an example of a cache server request you may use as a reference.

The params you need to include in the request are included in the API documentation, the required params are typically api_token (can be found here) & shop_domain.