Guest blogging is a part of our co-marketing activities with the integration partners. We may also accept guest blog posts from other writers who are not partners on a case-by-case basis. 

Here are some guidelines for guest blogging on the blog. Please reach us at to discuss in detail.

1. Authorship

  • The guest blogger will have authorship on their blog articles.

2. Topics

  • The writers can choose their topics, but the topics need to be aligned with content strategy, writing styles, and publication schedules.

3. Content quality

A qualified guest blog needs to:

  • Be authentic, free of grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Range from 800-1000 words. If the writers have a broad topic that may exceed this limit, they should consider splitting it into different parts of a series.
  • Follow a concise and straightforward writing style. We prefer the writings that the readers can scan through.
  • Follow the AP styles of online publications as much as possible.
  • Have at least 3 visuals.

3. Backlinks

  • The writers can include one backlink to their company’s homepage or another blog post of their choice.

4. Compensations

  • The main benefits we can give to the writers is featuring the guest blog on our blog and other channels (social media, newsletter, etc.). Direct compensation for guest blogging isn't available.

  • If necessary, we’ll provide you with a clear direction, related materials, and feedback on your writings.