1. Can I moderate/curate the reviews before publishing?

Yes, you have the ability to moderate your reviews and publish only the ones you want, similar to what you can do in Judge.me Product Reviews app.

2. Can I opt-out if it is not suitable?

Yes, you can opt-out if the review site doesn't feel right for you.

3. What's the pricing of this site?

The review site is completely free during the first 3 months. Then we'll charge based on the referral clicks (or sales) when we funnel traffic to your store. Basically, you will only pay for the value you get from us.

4. My reviews are in different languages. Can I display them all?

Our review site is synchronized with the Judge.me Product Reviews app, so your reviews displayed on the review site will be exactly the same as those in the app, in terms of content and languages. For example, if your reviews are in French, they will remain in French on the review site.

Basically, whatever content coming from your shop (reviews, product descriptions) will remain in your shop's main language. Prices will also be displayed in your shop's main currency. Only the main elements of the review site interface (tabs, buttons, etc.) will be in English.

5. Will my reviews appear in Google rich snippets?

Yes, your reviews will appear in Google rich snippets. You can adjust the settings in the Judge.me app.

6. I have multiple stores in different languages, can I create 1 consolidated company profile and have a language filter?

Unfortunately, this feature is not available on our review site for now.

7. Can I display only shop-level reviews?

You can display both product and shop-level reviews on your shop page, and product reviews on specific product pages. Basically, the reviews displayed on our review site will be exactly the same as the reviews in your Judge.me Product Reviews app.

However, at this stage, we can't give a concrete answer about whether you can display ONLY shop reviews because it may depend on the exact details of our pricing model.

8. Can the customers purchase my products on the review site?

The customers can't purchase your products directly from our review site, but you can funnel potential customers to your Shopify store. Each product page has a CTA linked to the product page on your store so that buyers can easily complete their purchases.