Want to send review requests after your customers have received and experienced the products? Besides Aftership integration, you can also use Delivery Based Requests to automatically schedule your review requests based on order delivery (instead of fulfillment by default) if your orders are marked as delivered in Shopify.

How to enable Delivery Based Requests

To use this feature, please make sure you have installed a third-party tracking app that will update the delivery status of each order fulfillment in Shopify (please check this with your tracking app providers). 

Then, you can enable the feature in Settings > Integrations > Admin Backend > Delivery Based Requests.

  • When this feature is on, Judge.me will schedule review requests once the order is marked as delivered in Shopify. 
  • So far, this feature is working well with Trackiest, Shipway, and ParcelPanel, but you can use other Shopify tracking apps as long as they update the delivery status on Shopify.
  • Please note that we don't integrate with any third-party tracking apps. Those apps have to update fulfillment shipping status in Shopify, then Shopify notifies us to schedule your review requests. If you are using a tracking app that doesn't send delivery status directly to Shopify (or fails to do so for some reasons), it's not possible for us to schedule any of your review requests.

Delivery Based Requests and Aftership

  • If you enable both Aftership integration and Delivery Based Requests, we'll use Aftership as the scheduling option. This feature does not work with Aftership enabled.
  • Delivery Based Requests doesn't work if Aftership is set and tracking via Aftership fails.