The store page displays your store's information, highlight both product and shop-level reviews, and collect more reviews from your buyers.

To get started with the store page, the prerequisite step is to enable the review site.

  • Go to your store page settings:
  • Login to your app (if you are not logged in yet).
  • In the Enable Review Site section, toggle the bar to publish your store and product pages in the review site. Then click Save.

  • After that, you can view your store page by clicking View my store page on the left panel or the link to your store page in the Enable Review SiteĀ section.

  • You can access your product pages from your store page using (1) the search bar, (2) product links in specific reviews, and (3) the View Product button in the card carousel. Follow this guideline to create your card carousel.

  • Now, continue to update your:
  1. Store Banner: Recommended banner size is 1128px * 240px. The maximum size file is 10MB.
  2. Store Logo: Recommended logo size is 54px * 54px. The maximum size file is 10MB.
  3. Store Description: You can add a store description with a maximum of 200 characters. This description will be displayed next to your logo.
  • After you finish uploading, click Save. It may take a few minutes for your logo and banner to be updated.