This guide gives you an overview of the review site and how you can get started with it. The review site lets you display the product descriptions from your Shopify store and reviews from your Product Reviews app. With various customization features, you can showcase your remarkable reviews and funnel potential buyers to your Shopify store. Learn more about the benefits and future roadmap of our review site.

Once you enable the review site, you'll get:

  1. Store page: display your store's information, highlight both product and shop-level reviews, and collect more reviews from your buyers.
  2. Product pages: display your products' detailed information, highlight product benefits with specific product reviews, and funnel potential buyers to your store. 


What's special about the review site?

  • You can display both product and shop-level reviews on your shop page, and product reviews on specific product pages. You can also let your customers submit more reviews using the review form.
  • The reviews displayed on our review site will be exactly the same as the reviews in your Product Reviews app, in terms of content and language. For example, if your reviews are in French, they will remain in French on the review site. Meanwhile, all the texts/labeling from will always be in English.
  • Your product descriptions are also pulled directly from your Shopify store. Each product page has a CTA linked to the product page on your store so that buyers can easily complete their purchases.
  • The following settings on the review site will mimic the widget settings on your store pages: Write a review button, thumbs (upvote) buttons, social share buttons, review photos and videos, and Q&A. You can also display the Q&A preview badge as long as the Q&A feature is enabled.
  • You have the ability to curate your reviews and publish only the ones you want, similar to what you can do in Product Reviews app.
  • You have various features to showcase your reviews and make them more prominent to potential buyers such as card carousel, and more in the future such as pinned reviews, highlight quotes, etc.
  • You can obtain medals to showcase the quality and quantity of your reviews. Such medals are strong indicators that help your customers "judge" the trustworthiness of your store and make better buying decisions. Learn more about different types, levels, and conditions of medals.
  • You will only pay for the value you get from us. All aspects of the review site are now free. In the future, we'll likely have two plans: (1) display your listing for free without CTAs, and (2) display your listing with CTAs to your product pages, and get charged based on the referral clicks (or sales) when we funnel traffic to your store. *Note: When we start charging, we'll inform you, and you can decide whether to keep using our review site or not. We'll never charge you without you opting in. 
  • You can opt out of the review site from the settings if it doesn't feel right for you.

How to get started?

Step 1: Enable the Review site

Note: you can't access the store page settings if your store is not qualified for a listing on the review site (i.e. have a least 10 verified reviews and a transparency score of at least 80%).

  • Login to your app (if you are not logged in yet).
  • In the Enable Review Site section, toggle the bar to publish your store and product pages in the review site. Then click Save.
  • After that, you can view your store page by clicking View my store page on the left panel or square icon next to your store page link in the Enable Review Site section. For more details, follow these instructions.
  • You can access your product pages from your shop page using (1) the search bar, (2) product links in specific reviews, and (3) the View Product button in the card carousel (see step 3 for how to create your card carousel).

Step 2: Update your Store page

  • Go to your shop page settings:
  • You can update your logo (90px * 90px), banner (1170px * 200px) and shop description (maximum 200 characters). These elements will appear at the top of your shop page to give potential customers the first impression of your store. For more details, follow this instruction to update your store page.

Step 3: Create your Card Carousel

  • Go to your Card Carousel settings:
  • In the cards, you can showcase a compelling quote of your review, star rating, product info, and even a CTA linked to that product. In the future, you can also upload your own images, and have your cards displayed on the review site homepage. For more details, follow this instruction to create your cards.
  • After you create your cards, they will be shown at the top of your store page, below your shop information. 
  • To add, edit or remove the cards, go back to your settings:

Example of the store page and card carousel from Protein Package

Example of the product page from Protein Package