You can apply specific criteria in AliExpress Review Importer to get the set of reviews you want. For example, reviews above a certain rating, only from specific countries, with pictures or text content, etc. 

Do note that if you set too many filters, you might get fewer reviews that meet your requirements, or even no reviews at all! For example, if most of the reviews on the AliExpress product page are from Russia and you set a filter for the USA only, then you might not get any reviews. If this happens, we recommend that you relax your filtering criteria first and then make adjustments after you import your reviews.

*Note: If you are new to AliExpress Review Importer, check this getting started guide to get to know the app.

1. Rating filters

You can apply this filter to import reviews with specific star ratings. For example, import reviews with 5-star ratings only. If you choose any rating, reviews with any star ratings will be imported.

2. Country filters

You can apply this filter to import reviews from specific countries. The app will filter your reviews based on the location of your reviewers. If you choose All, reviews from all countries will be imported.

3. Content filters

There are two options in the content filter: 

3.1. Reviews must have content: You can apply this filter to import reviews with some text content and choose the minimum amount of words. 


  • Some reviews only have star ratings but no text. Please expand your criteria if you don't get enough reviews.
  • If you choose this filter, the app will import any reviews that are not empty, with or without review pictures. If you want to remove the review pictures, please export your reviews into a CSV file, delete the column of picture URLs, and re-import.

3.2. Reviews must have pictures: You can apply this filter to import only reviews that include pictures. 

*Note: Some reviews do not have pictures. You may need to expand your criteria if you don't get enough reviews.

4. Translation settings

If you choose this option, your reviews will be translated into English via AliExpress before they are imported by our app. If you want to translate your reviews into multiple languages, try our integration with the Weglot translation tool.

5. Review limit

You can set the number of reviews to import (up to 250 reviews each time), and you can make an unlimited amount of import with the app.

*Note: Occasionally, we might import a few more reviews for technical performance reasons.

You can check the number of reviews imported in the main dashboard, or the reviews dashboard. If you encounter any import issues, check our FAQ or contact so we can assist you.