As a reviewer, you have a dedicated profile page on, which allows you to:

  1. Edit your display name
  2. Edit your reviews
  3. Submit new reviews
  4. Delete your reviews
  5. See your coupons
  6. See your stores with installed

In this article, we'll instruct you on how to manage your reviews from the reviewer profile page.

As a reviewer, you have a reviewer profile page, which associates all the reviews that you submitted via shops using To access your reviewer profile page, please go to and login with the email address you used to submit your reviews. will send a "magic link" to your email, follow the link to continue the login process.

1. Edit your display name

You have two ways to edit your display name:

  1. Login to your reviewer profile page, then click on the Change my name button, then enter your new name and click OK. 
  2. Choose another display name when updating your existing reviews or submitting a new review via the review request emails.


  • Your name won't be updated if you resubmit a web review even though you use the same email. 
  • Review request emails won’t work after 45 days, so if you want to change your name, or update other information in the reviews, make sure to do before that.

  • You can also adjust your display name format in your reviewer profile. First, choose the review you want to adjust the display name, then click Edit. Then choose the display name format you want from the drop-down, then click Save.

*Note: If you have logged in to your reviewer's profile, the store owner can't edit your data (name, phone number, etc.) via API or Shopify store admin. The store owner can still request a name edit using the Edit reviews feature, which can be either approved or disapproved by you.

2. Edit your reviews

Step 1: Find the review you want to edit. You can find all your reviews in the My Reviews tab, or reviews of specific items in an order in the My Orders tab. Then click Edit or Edit your review button.

Step 2: Update your review. You can edit the star rating, review title, review body, as well as add or remove your review photos and videos.

3. Submit new reviews

Normally you can submit new reviews via the review request emails. However, the submit link in the review request emails will expire after 45 days. In this case, you can log in to your reviewer's profile page, then check the My Orders tab and click Review this product.

4. Delete your reviews

Step 1: Find the review you want to delete in the My Reviews tab. Then click the Delete button.

Step 2: Confirm your deletion. Your deleted reviews will be stored in the My Archived Reviews tab for 14 days and 

you can restore them. After that period, the reviews can't be restored.

4. See your coupons

You can see your coupons in the My Rewards tab

5. See your stores with installed

You can see your store with installed in the My Stores tab