1 - Install your Review Widget and Preview Badge

Have you gone through the onboarding process and installed your Review Widget and Preview Badge? If not, you can enable the widget and badge later. It may take a few minutes for them to appear.

2 - Customize your widgets

Want to make Judge.me widgets perfectly harmonize with your store? We offer several in-app settings for you to customize these widgets in a few clicks: 

Some popular customizations that other Judge.me users look for:

If you need additional customizations beyond our in-app settings, our support team will work on basic customization requests.

3 - Add your existing reviews to Judge.me 

Have reviews on other platforms? We support three easy ways to export and import your reviews into our app.

You can also import Q&As in bulk with our direct importer.

4 - Collect more reviews 

Are you ready to collect more new reviews? There are several ways to do that with our app:

  • Collect reviews directly on your website using the Review Widget

  • Send review request emails 

    • You can schedule and send review request emails to customers who fulfilled the orders to get verified reviews.

    • We provide a powerful and flexible email editor with various features such as: 

      • A/B testing: compare different email template versions to see which ones perform better

      • Custom forms: add your custom questions to the Review Widget and review request emails

    • Have a non-English store or stores with multiple languages? 

      • Translate Judge.me widgets using our 1-click translation or Weglot translation app. We are working on more integrations for our widgets.

      • Enable our multiple language emails to send review request emails in multiple languages based on your customer’s choice of shop language 

  • Send SMS and push notifications

    • You can integrate with third-party apps to send SMS (SMSBump, SMS Notifications) and push notifications (PushOwl) to remind your customers to submit a review.

*Note: Your reviews are published automatically by default, and we will start sending review request emails unless you disable it.

5 - Start exploring your dashboards

Installation is done, now what’s next? Here are the most important sections you might want to start with:

  • Review dashboard: where you can see and decide to publish or hide your product and shop reviews

  • Requests dashboard: where you can see all the review requests sent or to be sent, customize and schedule request emails

  • Settings: where you can enable and customize all the features available in our app 

(Tip: You can type a keyword in the Settings Search and jump immediately to that settings!)

6 - Enhance your review experience with advanced features

Is that all about our review app? No, there are even more advanced features for you to enhance your experience, such as:

  • Integrations (Awesome and Free): add extra features from third-party apps integrated with us

  • Facebook and Twitter Social Push (Awesome and Free): share your reviews to Facebook and Twitter

  • SEO Rich Snippets (Awesome and Free): display your star rating in Google review snippets 

  • Questions and Answers (Awesome): let your customers ask questions about your products in the Review Widget

  • Coupons (Awesome): give coupons as a reward to encourage your buyers to leave a review

  • Cross-shop Review Syndication (Awesome): share your reviews among the shops in the same shop group

Can’t find what you are looking for? Check our Knowledge Base and Forums for more detailed tutorials, or contact our 24/7 custom support team to address your particular issues.