Need help when importing your reviews directly with the CSV file? The instructions below can smooth out your direct import process. Check them out!

How to prepare a proper CSV file for direct import

Step 1: Download our sample CSV file HERE

Step 2: Create a new spreadsheet in Google Sheets, then import the sample CSV file there.

Now you'll see all the columns you need to fill in to import your reviews directly. 

Here are the references for each CSV column:

  • title (optional): the title of the review
  • body (required, has fallback): the body of the review. The body needs to have content and supports up to 1500 characters. If the body is empty, the review title will be used instead, and the title of this review will be empty. If both the title and the body are empty, the review import will be failed.

  • rating (required): the rating of the review

  • review_date (optional): the date when the review was created, following the (dd/mm/yyyy) format. For example, 04/05/2015 is May the 4th 2015. If the date is empty, that review will be created with the current date.

  • reviewer_name (optional): the name of the reviewer. If the name is empty, anonymous will be used instead.

  • reviewer_email (optional): the email of the reviewer. If the email is empty, a unique fake email will be used instead.

  • product_id (partially required): the Shopify ID of the purchased product (either product_id or product_handle is required)

  • product_handle (partially required): the handle of the purchased product (either product_id or product_handle is required)

  • reply (optional): the public reply of the review (if there is any)

  • picture_urls (optional): the URLs of the images attached to the review. If there is more than one URL, please separate them by a comma. For example, https://picture1, https://picture2,..., https://picture5. We only accept up to 5 pictures per review, so we will only take the first five URLs if there are more than five.

  • ip_address (optional): the IP address of the review. We automatically calculate the detailed location (city, country, country code) based on the IP address. For example,

Step 3: Add your review data to each column

Step 4: Download your spreadsheet as a CSV file. Then import that CSV file to

Why should you use Google Sheets for editing the CSV?

Microsoft Excel has a "Save as CSV" option, but to save a CSV with a proper compatible codification requires extra steps according to your software version.

We strongly recommend using Google Sheets for importing because:

  • It is accessible for people that can't afford Excel, have not installed it, or have devices that are not compatible with it
  • It allows you to save your file as CSV with the proper compatible codification by default. With this function, you can avoid importing unsupported characters in your reviews.

Change the Date Formats

Our system needs to receive the dd/mm/yyyy format to import the CSV file correctly. So if your date does not follow this format, please follow these steps to change it.

Case 1. If Google Sheets can recognize your cells as dates

One easy way to check if Google Sheets can recognize your cells as dates is to click on the cell and see if there is a small calendar pop-up, like this:

In this case, follow these steps to change your date format:

  • Highlight the date column you want to reformat
  • Go to Format > Numbers > More Formats > More date and time formats
  • Configure your date format as dd/mm/yyyy, as shown in the screenshot below:

  • Click Apply to change the date format

Case 2. If Google Sheets can't recognize your cells as dates

If you date cells contain some special characters that make Google Sheets fail to recognize them as dates, you must delete them before changing the date format. To quickly delete all the special characters in the column, follow these steps:

  • Highlight the full column
  • Press Cntr + Shift + H (Windows) or Cmd + Shift + H
  • Find the special characters and replace them with an empty field. In the example below, we type UTC in Find and leave Replace with empty.

  • Click Replace All. Then, follow the same steps in case 1 to change the date format.