If you still see the old version of the interface, you need to update the Judge.me plugin to the latest version. This article will show you how to do that.

This is the old version of the interface:

And from there you were able to resynch your products, export CSVs and toggle placements, together with other cool advanced settings.

True; that was good, but we have improved the interface and now it should look like this: 

It's a lot better looking, right? It's more intuitive, organized, and has more options! 

But what if... "I still see the old version of the Interface!"/ "I don't see the 'Advanced'  tab on my Interface"

The changes should happen automatically when we updated the plugin, but maybe your configuration in WordPress is blocking these automatic updates.

What if... "That didn't solve it!" ( ..or maybe you just don't wanna update ALL your plugins.)

Cool, no problem: you can just update our plugin and nothing more. Please look at this image:

To get there, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to your manager

  2. Look for the Plugin tab

  3. Choose Plugin Installed subtab

  4. Look for the Judge.me Product Reviews App

  5. Click on Update now, and let it finish.

  6. After that (just to be sure), logout your store, clear cache of the browser, close that browser and try to log into your store again.

Success! Now, you should see your newly updated Judge.me dashboard like this: