Using the Email Templates, you can design your review request emails with user-friendly drag-and-drop blocks and flexible design customization to provide your customers with a more seamless journey to submit product reviews, which in turn helps you build social proof and increase the conversion rate of your online store. In this article, you can find the instructions on how to get started with Email Templates.

  1. Create new email templates
  2. Add a new block
  3. Edit, move and delete a block 
  4. Test your email templates 
  5. All the available variables 
  6. Activate/Deactivate your email templates

To see real examples of email templates from users, check our examples for inspiration page, as well as the blog article on 8 tips to create better email templates.

1. Create new email templates

  • Go to Product Reviews Main Dashboard

  • Choose Requests > Emails Templates

  • Click New Template button or choose an Email Template available and click on the Edit icon as shown in the screenshot below.

  • Start editing your Email Template by using drag and drop blocks. For more details about how to use each block, check this article.

2. Add a new block

To add a new block, choose Blocks, then drag and drop the block you want to the Email Template on the left.


Please make sure to add an unsubscribe block (or an unsubscribe link using the {{ unsubscribe_href }} variable) in every email template. Otherwise, you can't save your email templates.

3. Edit, move and delete a block

  • To edit or delete a block, click on specific icons as shown in the screenshot. 

  • To move a block, click and “drag” it to the position you want, then “drop”.

  • To edit the entire row, choose the set of icons in blue on the right side. You may find it useful when you are editing a two-column layout.

4. Test your email template

  • You can switch between the desktop and mobile icons to preview your email on desktop or mobile screen.

  • After you finish designing the template, click Save email.

  • Then you can send a sample email to your email address (the email address you used to register your shop).

5. All the available variables

The (i) icon includes all the variables you can use to personalize your emails. These variables will be merged with specific values when your email is sent (for example, the buyer’s name or product title). You can click on each variable to copy it to the clipboard. 

*Note: make sure your liquid variables are correct to avoid any errors.

For details of how to use each variable, please check this article.

Also, when editing a Button, you can type {{ in the Button URL to see all the variables available for that Button.

6. Activate/Deactivate your email templates

You can create multiple Email Templates and activate the templates you want by clicking on them. will choose a random active template when the review request is sent.

*Note: If you downgrade from the Awesome plan to Forever Free plan, you can still edit the existing active ones, but can’t make or save new ones. Please check this article for more details on what happens if you downgrade and how to preserve Awesome settings if you re-upgrade.

7. View backup HTML page of your email