Need to use your review information for other purposes such as remarketing or CRM? Zapier is a good choice for you. integrates with Zapier so you can build workflow automation between and different apps. In particular, once your store receives a new review, Zapier will get the review information from to notify your different apps to implement specific actions. 

How to enable Zapier integration

  • From your admin dashboard, go to Settings > Integrations > Automatic Integrations > Zapier
  • Click on the Zapier icon to access your invitation link.

  • Log in to your Zapier account, then click Accept Invite & Build a Zap

  • Create a new Zap and find in the list of apps. Then click Sign in to Product Reviews.

  • Enter your Ecommerce Platform, Shop Domain and API Token (all can be found in Settings > Integrations > Automatic Integrations > Zapier). Then click Yes, Continue. 

  • Click Test trigger. If everything is set up properly, Zapier can find a new review.

  • After that, you can apply filters and choose the destination app you want to trigger when a new review is submitted.

Check this blog article to see some popular cases where the - Zapier integration can streamline your workflows and improve your efficiency.