This detailed article give you more information on the followings:

1. Setup

2. Explanations for each function:

    a. Chatflow name

    b. Types: Welcome Message & Referral Link

    c.  Integration

1. Setup

  • At the top right corner where you can select your Facebook Page to work on as well as a flow, you will see a small wheel icon where it will redirects you to the Properties Tab.

  • This tab will show the settings of your currently selected flow for the selected page.

2. Explanations for each function

Chatflow Name: 

  • You can change the name of your chatflows here. Your chatflow's name will be changed almost immediately. It is helpful if you want to organize your list of chatflows for future references.


  • There are 2 types of chatflow to be considered here: Welcome Message or Referral Link. 

  • Welcome Message flow: The app only allows 1 Welcome Message flow, which is only available to people who has never contacted your FB business page before.
  • Referal link: You can have many flows with referral links within our app. This type lets you create a link with a reference at the end to send to someone and instead of getting into the Welcome Message (if they're fresh to your FB Business Page), they will be redirected to this particular flow that belongs that has the said referal link. This also means that you don't need to create test pages anymore to deploy a new flow but create a new flow with referral link instead.


  • If you're using Product Review and enable this integration, we will also show the product ratings in any of the products using the product card, if any. Your message on Messenger will look like this screenshot below: