1. Steps:

Every basic messenger flow will start with an initial step: Welcome Message (you cannot delete this step but you can edit its name . You can also see your list of steps on the left side of the screen (see screenshot below for reference). The steps will be displayed in chronological order (newest step will be at the bottom of the list).

Screenshot 1: List of steps

If one step is related to another step, we will highlight the directly related steps for you. Based on Screenshot 1, the directly related steps to the initial "Welcome Message" step will be "Product Card 1" and "Gallery Card". Any secondary linked steps and onwards will not be displayed.

You can also see which step is connected to a button if you click on the action attached to that button.

2. Block

The content of each step will sometimes be referred as a block. A block can not be blank (i.e there always need to be at least a text card with content within a block). 

Screenshot 2: Block

Within a block, you can add different cards and buttons, and each button can have different actions