1. Setup

In your app's main page, go to Billing to access your bill for the most recent months.

2. Billing Explanation:

A diagram demonstrate how we will calculate the billing

We don’t charge merchants based on the features but the amount of active users that merchants have through the app per calendar month. Here's how:

  • 0-50 active users: the app is free, you don't have to pay anything extra.
  • 51-5000 active users: we charge $0.02 per active user (maximum $99/calendar month)
  • From 5000+ active users: we don't charge anything extra after your 5000th active users. Your maximum payable amount will be $99/calendar month
  • The count is refreshed every calendar month exactly on 00:00 ICT/ UTC+7 of the first day.

Note: An active user is someone who has interacted with our messenger bot once or more times each month, for example, by replying to a message or clicking on a button or link sent by us.

The bill is computed on the first day of each calendar month for charges in the previous month (i.e the bill that is computed on 1st of February will be for the period of 1-31st of January). Shopify will add this amount to the 30-day billing cycle of that month (i.e your billing cycle is on 15th of February, you will pay for the bill that we computed on February 1st. For the period 1-28th of February, we will still ping Shopify about it, but because February is a short month, your billing cycle will come up on 17th of March instead).