1. How to create a scenario that works when I have one Facebook page for my brand and several Shopify stores (i.e 1 for Australia, 1 for the USA)?

You can do this scenario from just one of your Shopify stores by creating a flow where you explicitly ask your customer from which country they want to shop in using the buttons. Depending on their answer, different sequences of steps can be launched. In those sequences you can showcase products or collections from different stores or redirect customers to the appropriate store via the open website action.

Note: when you create product carousels using our Product Card, only products from the current store, on which the app is installed, will be available to choose from. Other products from other stores can be used manually, provided that you paste their URLs into the buttons (the "buy now" button won't work for this case).

2. How to renew Facebook token?

This sometimes happen because Facebook makes some changes and we do not have control of when it will happen. When tokens are changed, your flow which is previously active may not work anymore. For this case, we recommend you to manually renew your token. To do this, please go to our app > Look for the top left corner for a list of the connected pages > Click on "Connect New Page" and reconnect to your Facebook Business Page: