1. Would you be able to create the same layout that we configured in Yotpo/ Stamped.io/ Rivyo/ Loox? 

We can stylize your review widget and everything Judge.me related so your previous look is preserved. Just provide us as many details as possible, for example, screenshots and colors. Another option is to let us setup Judge.me before you uninstall the previous review app. Then, we can mimic the look by examining your current settings.

2. Can you install the widgets on an unpublished theme first?

Sure!  You get to choose if you want to install the widgets on the live theme (default) or on an unpublished theme. This will help prevent Judge.me theme concierge installed on live theme and might break your custom CSS. When you choose unpublished theme, you can preview how the widgets look first and then publish the theme later on. 

3. We drive a lot of our sales through Google Search and Google Shopping. When we move our review service will the star reviews stop showing during the transition period?

The stars may disappear during the transition period, but this often happens so quickly that this often goes unnoticed. To minimize any disruption, we recommend that you let us setup Judge.me before uninstalling Yotpo or any other competitor app, so there is a short period of overlap to make the transition smoother.

4. What about all my old pictures, do I have to download them and reupload them into Judge.me?

When you export your existing reviews from other apps, most of the time, the link to your existing review pictures is included as part of the CSV. This means that these pictures will automatically be linked to your existing reviews when you upload the CSV into Judge.me.

5. What happens with existing reviews on my site? Will I see 2 sets of duplicated reviews while making the transition?

We will remove code from other review apps according to your preferences. If we are working on a live theme, there might be a chance where both review apps show up for a few seconds, but this will only happen when our support team is actively working to clean up and customize your theme files.

6. How do I transfer my reviews from Yotpo, Stamped, Rivyo, or Loox to Judge.me?

  • Follow the instruction on articles on how to export reviews from Yotpo, Stamped, Rivyo, and Loox.
  • Import reviews into Judge.me yourself (remember to select the correct format). Alternatively, send us the import file and our support team will take care of it for you. 

7. What about my verified reviews? Can you display the “verified badge” for my old reviews?

Most of the time we can automatically verify existing reviews based your shop's order history. But if this is not possible, all you have to do is show evidence that the reviewer has previously bought your product. Basically, just send us a screenshot showing that you have previously collected verified reviews on previous review app, and an excerpt of your customer list which we can use to identify a sample of reviews. We will then then verify the reviews for you

8. What if I am not satisfied with Judge.me?

Definitely let us know! We are very happy to make customizations and hear feedback, so just get hold of us over at support or over chat. We also offer refunds within 30 days, no questions asked.