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Quick setup: how to install our widgets automatically

Modified on: Mon, 28 Oct, 2019 at 5:26 PM

This article will show you step by step how to install widget automatically. 

After you install on your Shopify Store Dashboard:

1. You can choose to set up automatically or you can set up yourself (for advanced user)

2. Choose where to display widgets (review widget on product page, preview badge on product/collection page)

  • Review Widget is our core widget that is required to collect and show your product reviews. 
  • Preview Badge shows the aggregated ratings/numbers of your product reviews as a star rating on your product/collection page.

3. Choose what theme to display widgets on (live or unpublished theme)

 You can choose to install the widgets on the live theme (default) or on an unpublished theme. This will help prevent theme concierge installed on live theme and might break your custom CSS. When you choose unpublished theme, you can preview how the widgets look first and then publish the theme later on. 


  • If you do not have an unpublished theme, please read this article on Shopify Help Center to learn how to add themes.
  • You can change which theme you want to work on. This means all the setting changes and any additional widget installation through settings (e.g adding the review carousel) will change to the theme you choose.
  • In Settings>Advanced> Advanced Settings > Installation Theme and enable "ON" button to allow theme concierge to install on the theme that you choose.

4. Preview the installation

You can preview how everything looks in your theme now, and if you would like to change things up, you can choose to reposition the widgets, edit widget design (star colors, fonts, or sizes), or even remove all the widgets. Simply click on the links placed on the upper right next to "I want to customize" 

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