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Custom Form Templates

Modified on: Fri, 4 Oct, 2019 at 5:13 PM

Custom Form Templates saves you time from creating custom form questions. There are 4 templates available now: Net Promoter Score Template, Shop Net Promoter Score Template, Demographic Questions Templates, and Useful Example Question Template.


  • You can edit/copy/delete the question type (Plain text, Rating Scale, and Multiple Choice)
  • You can choose "Required" if you want customers answer the question or "Hide from Widget" if it is for internal survey only

(A) Net Promoter Score Template

For: All Products without Custom Tags. 

It is useful when you want to measure the willingness of customer to recommend the company's product.

On Dashboard> More> Custom Form

1. Scroll down to Net Promoter Score Template

2. Click on "Use Template"

(B) Shop Net Promoter Score

For: Shop Reviews 

This template has questions about customers' overall shopping experience, question like "What can we improve on?" can be kept as internal survey only.

(C) Demographic Questions Template

For: All Products without Custom Tags

Demographic Questions Template focuses on ages, gender, location, employment, etc. It helps you to learn more about your targeted customer. Therefore, making it easier for you to create ad campaign/ marketing strategy to the right people.

(D) Useful Questions Template

For: All Products without Custom Tags

This template gives you even more Q&A types for you to change up the look of Customer Review Widget. Useful questions include "What other products you want us to offer?" is actually very helpful if you want to sell more products on your shop. 

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