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Sending Only Shop Level Review Request

Modified on: Wed, 11 Sep, 2019 at 8:54 PM

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  • Sarah constantly changes the products on their site, so she would prefer to request ONLY Shop Level Reviews instead of reviews for each product.
  • Mario would prefer to get reviews about his store than his products.
  • Rose would like to showcase more easily all the reviews of her store in one place instead dispersed amongst several products... so she would prefer all of them to be on the All Review Page Widget.

Yes, it is.



First: Select the Template to work on:

1- While Logged in your store, please go to the selection of templates and select the Multi Review Template ( point 1 on the image).

2- Then go to the "EDIT" option for that template ( point 2 on the image).

Second: Edit the template with these settings:

Points to edit:

1. Email Subject: Make sure IT DOESNT include Product Title. (IMPORTANT)

2. Reminder Subject Lines: OFF ( To prevent System to change the subject in the reminders)

3 & 6.  Main and Finish Text: Make sure you let your customers know this is a request for the store; be nice, inviting and clear.

4. Shop Review ON ( This is SUPER IMPORTANT)

5. Shop Review Position: OFF.

7. Product image thumbnail: OFF ( To avoid confusion).

8. Product Loop: OFF  ( This is -also- SUPER IMPORTANT)

Finally, SAVE the changes and send yourself an example ( Blue button at the top-right of the page) to check all is working fine.


Can I Use this setting for the Single Product Request Template? I want the customers to write their shop review in their mail!

  • Sorry, not possible; this can only be done on the Multi Review Template; where links are sent, so the customers write reviews on your All Review Page ( the Shop Reviews can be only collected there; and that is why you need the All Review Page working in the first place).

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