1. Setup:

To go and see your list of active users, please go to our app's main page > Active users box (next to the selection box for Chatflows/All Chatflows Tab)

2. Explanation:

All information related to your shop’s active users are stored in this tab. You can see individualized information of each user or export the data into a .csv file for further purpose.

  • Individualized information: We put information that we could collect from your users here. This includes their names (first & last names), subscribed dates, profile pictures and answers collected from user input. 
    List of customers will be shown here

    Clicking on each customer's name will show more details
  • Export data to .csv files: In case you want to reuse any information that you collected using our app, you can easily export the data into a .csv file that can be worked on easily. The content for each user in this file is similar to the individualized information. .csv files can be opened and worked on using Excel, Google Spreadsheet, or Numbers easily.