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Welcome Message - Create Your First Bot

Modified on: Fri, 4 Oct, 2019 at 11:45 AM

Welcome Message will only be shown to new users who have never had any conversation with your page only so anyone who has been in touch with your FB page will not be able to see this. Welcome Message by Facebook Messenger Bot can be customized to meet different purposes.

In this article, we will explain about:

 1. "Add new" button 

2. "Text" card

3. "Products" card

4. "User Input" card

5. "Gallery"card

You can add/edit the following things inside the Welcome Message:

  1. Add new button: These buttons help you to control the conversations with the users. Each of the buttons must be linked to an action that does different jobs (open a new website, make a call, link to another step, etc) upon clicking

    Per Facebook regulations, you can add maximum up to 3 buttons per messages. Each button’s title cannot be longer than 20 characters.

  2. Add Text card: You can add new text cards if you have more text content to show or want the conversations to look more natural. There's no limitation on how many text card you can add in one single step but we recommend you to separate them into different steps that require interactions from your potential customers.

  3. Add Product card: This is one of the most important cards that can help you to boost your sales. You can add up to 10 products in a product card. These products will be sent as a product carousel to the users. In each product, you can edit its title as well as content.

  4. Add User Input card: This card is helpful in collecting additional information from the users. It can be anything. The idea is that for each user input text, the users will reply with a response and our app will catch this information and put it in the Customers tab.
    You will also need to create different custom fields to better capture these information.

Still not sure how to work on this? Check out our video below!

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