What we need prior to installing Facebook Messenger Bot app:

  • You need to have a store with Shopify in order to install our app.
  • To connect with Facebook, you will need to sign in using an account that has admin access to your page.

Installation guide:

  1. Go to our installation link here to install the app.

  2. Once the app is installed, please connect your Facebook account to our app first so we can help you to manage your pages (you can choose which page to connect later, we will not do anything to any page that you don't give us the permission to!)

  3. Add new test page: We provide an option to test the bot first on a test page instead of the main FB Business Page by redirecting you to Facebook to create a new page. After a page is created, you can go back to our app to continue. This works if you want to minimize risks with the chatflows so you don't create any content that might be confusing to your users. It can be skipped if you have a test page already.

  4. Select a page: We provide a list of pages that you can connect to our app. By default the flow will not take over as the main messaging method for new users, unless you activate it later.

  5. How do you want to start: start with a pre-configured flow first to see how to the app works yourself and you can edit on what we have already done, or you can start completely from scratch.

  6. When you're Click on Edit content to start editing your Welcome Message.