There are 4 main ways to collect reviews: 

1.Send Review Request Email directly to customers

2.Import Reviews from other apps (Yotpo,, Loox, etc.)

3.Import Reviews with our AliExpress Review Importer App

4.Customers leave a reviews on your store website 

In this article, we will show you steps by step on how to collect review through sending out Review Request Email. Please go here for instruction on importing reviews from previous apps/ and here for AliExpress Review Importer.

First, sending review requests email consists of 3 steps process: 

1.Sending Review Requests 

2.Receive and curate review

3.Check on the product page

1.Sending Review Requests 

After a customer completed an order and that order has been fullfiled by your store, we recommend sending out request emails. You can set up the amount of days between the fullfilment and the sending of the first review request, reminders, etc on our settings, and also customize the template of the emails and more!

  • To edit the timing (days between requests/ automatic reminders), go to Setting> Review Request>Timing and Format and set amount of days to your preference.

  • To customize/ choose template to use, go to Setting> Review Request>Email Templates and click on which template you want to send out to your customers.

  • To turn on/off the sending of Review Requests, go to Setting>Review Request>Condition>Enable Request


IMPORTANT: this will stop the creation of new requests for fullfilled orders; but wont stop those already scheduled. You can skip requests manually on the Request dashboard:


2. Receive and Curate reviews

The very next step after receiving reviews is to curate the reviews meaning you get to choose to show or hide it (if it is the bad one!), go to Setting>Review Widget> Review Curation and click “ON” to curate your reviews


3. Check if reviews being shown correctly

Now, it is time to double check if the reviews are showing correctly under the widgets. This is also the best time for you to learn more about our widget. Please go here for widget setup instruction.