Need help in collecting more new reviews with reviews app? Start sending the review request emails now! In this article, we will show provide you a step-by-step guide on how to make the most of your review request emails.


  1. Design your email templates with the email editor
  2. Configure the review request settings
  3. Manage all your review requests in the Request dashboard
  4. Manage all your reviews collected in the Reviews dashboard

There are two other ways to have more reviews for your shop:

  1. Import the reviews from other platforms
  2. Collect the reviews directly on your online store with the Review Widget

1. Design your email templates with the email editor

Using the email templates, you can design your review request emails with user-friendly drag-and-drop blocks and flexible design customization to provide your customers with a more seamless journey to submit product reviews, which in turn helps you build social proof and increase the conversion rate of your online store. Check this helpdesk to learn how to get started with email templates.

Please make sure to add an unsubscribe block (or an unsubscribe link using the {{ unsubscribe_href }} variable) in every email template. Otherwise, you can't save your email templates.

Backup HTML view of your review request emails

The backup HTML view only works for real review request emails, not for sample emails as these sample emails are not stored templates in the system. If you want to see and test the backup HTML view before sending a real review request emails, follow these steps:

  • Create a test order in Shopify and enter your email when filling in the customer's details (so you can receive the review request emails after that). Then complete the order (mark as fulfilled/delivered).

  • Wait for a few minutes and go to the's Requests dashboard (Click the Requests button on the top left, then choose Requests Dashboard).
  • Find the order and force to send the review request email for the test order. To do this, click on the triple bar icon and choose Send this request now.

  • To see the backup HTML, click Trouble viewing email? in the header or footer of your email.

2. Configure the review request settings

To configure further settings for your review request emails, go to Settings > Review Requests. Here are some important Review Request settings that you may want to start with:

Email Info

By default, we'll send your review requests from If you have a corporate email address, you can send the review requests from there instead.

Important note
Our email is only used to ask users for reviews, questions, comments, etc. It will never ask users for passwords or money of any kind.

Request Timing

In the Settings > Review Request > Timing and Format, you can adjust:

  • The maximum number of line items (in a fulfilled order) to send review requests.
  • The number of days after order fulfillment to send the first review request.
  • The number of days to send an automatic reminder after the first review request has been sent.
  • The number of automatic reminders to be sent.
  • The order that each review request will be sent if there is more than one item in the fulfilled order: most expensive (product), least expensive, random, least reviews.

Request Conditions

In the Settings > Review Request > Conditions, you can:

  • Enable requests for domestic orders or international orders, or both
  • Automatically blacklist some tagged products, customers, and/or orders from the review requests schedule
  • If you refund any line items, or edit the order and remove the line items, we'll get a notification from Shopify and skip review requests for those line items. If you refund an order, you also need to restock for us to get the notification.
  • To avoid sending too many emails in a short period of time to one email, we won't send review requests to the same reviewer if he received a request in the last 7 days for different orders.
  • The submit link in each review request sent is only valid for 45 days. After that, you need to send a new review request, or reviewers can submit reviews from the reviewer's profile page.

Admin Notifications

  • You can send a notification to your email when a new review is submitted. 
  • Imported reviews and reviews created by you in the reviews dashboard don't trigger the email notifications.
  • When enabling the admin notifications, you won't receive a blind carbon copy (BCC) of your review request email, which is one of our practices for spam prevention.

Here is an example of an email we send to your admin email when you receive a new review. This email contains:

  • Star rating and content of the review you received,
  • The order number (e.g. #1027) and the link to that order (*Note: this only appears in reviews notification that is associated with a Shopify order, web reviews won't have this information),
  • The link to curate that review in your Reviews dashboard,
  •  Email of the reviewer.

Push Notifications and SMS Requests

You can integrate with third-party apps to send SMS (SMSBump, SMS Notifications) and push notifications (PushOwl) to remind your customers to submit a review.

3. Manage all your review requests in the Request dashboard

You can access the Requests dashboard from the Requests tab in your admin dashboard. Requests dashboard contains all the line items that are sent or to be sent a review request email, SMS, or push notifications. You can also check your Email Templates, A/B testing, and Reports easily in the sub-tabs.

According to your configuration in step 2, all the review requests will be scheduled automatically in the Requests dashboard. You can also:

  • Add manual requests: schedule Review Requests for old orders fulfilled prior to your installation date, or orders from a bulk CSV import.
  • Skip requests: skip all undelivered review requests for all orders, fulfilled in the previous days until now

  • Send requests again, permanently exclude the buyer's email or product from the review requests schedule
  • Enable automatic reminders, push notifications and SMS requests


  • A customer will review each product only once. This means that a customer will not receive a review request for the same item if he has written a review already (we consider items on the product, not variant level). However, if the product hasn't been reviewed, a new review request will be sent for the same product of the new order.
  • will send the review request based on fulfillment, not order. The review request will be sent once the order is completely fulfilled (so partial fulfillment is not considered).
  • If a product is purchased multiple times within an order, only one review request is sent to review the product (Please review your purchase of {{ order_quantity }} x {{ product_title }}).
  • To make sure your review request emails are delivered successfully and don't fall into spam, we limit the number of review requests to 5000 emails/shop/day by default. Any requests exceeding this limit will be "skipped" (this is reflected in the orders dashboard). You can contact us directly and we may temporarily increase the limit on a case-by-case basis.

4. Manage all your reviews collected in the Reviews dashboard

Review dashboard is where you can see and curate all your reviews, both product and shop reviews from all available sources (web, emails, imported, SMS, etc.). From the Reviews dashboard, you can choose whether to publish your reviews or hide them, reply to your reviewers, feature the reviews on the Review Carousel, share them on social media, and so on. Check this helpdesk to learn more about how to manage the reviews in Reviews dashboard.